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    August 10, 2009


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    Smoked paprika! What a neat trick to pass along to my vegetarian friends (I'll stick with the bacon).

    Here's my Summer Fest post on Sesame Soy Glazed Green Beans:

    I love greens and peas. I grew up in Texas, but my parents are from the Northern part of the US, so we didn't grow up eating "southern" foods. And I never liked blackeyed peas, until I bought fresh ones. Wow, what a difference. And collards are great if they're super-fresh. If you can get them from the farmer's markets in early spring or in the fall, they're wonderful. Mmmm, this so makes me want to curl up with a big huge mess of greens and peas!

    Gwen - chipotle powder works too but it's got a lot more heat!

    Alta - it's funny to grow up in the South but never really experience Southern foods, isn't it? Luckily my husband grew up here in East TN so I can get the scoop from him. Fresh peas are so good. My favorite were some pole beans that a farmer friend let get too big so he gave them to me - shelling them was a pain but they were so creamy and good!

    The peas look really amazing. My step mother (in NC) makes them with okra which adds a nice texture and flavor to them. Funnily enough, you never see these type of peas up north.

    Okra sounds really interesting although I'm not a big fan of okra cooked in liquids (unless it's gumbo). You're right - I never saw these up north even though some varieties have a short enough maturity time that people could grow them. They must not know what they're missing!

    You got a really useful blog! I have been here reading it for over an hour now.

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