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    June 21, 2009


    That soup sounds awesome. I am having trouble with these One Local Summer updates. I make the meal then never have time to post in time for publication on Farn To Philly! At least I am making the meals I guess.

    Oh, that squash soup looks delicious. I really love those flavors and they pair nicely with the curry type spices. Question: How does the liquid come out? I mean, does the squash add a lot more liquid (so you'd play with the veg broth amounts) or does it work out as the soup reduces?

    The soup really is amazing. It's been so hot here that this is going on regular rotation. It's filling but not too heavy. We ended up adding as much broth as the recipe suggested but we did taste it a bit as we added the broth.

    Cilantro Lime Puree - I'm soooo making this! I think it would be great over steamed veg.

    Thanks Jaden! One of my favorite marinades for veggies is a cilantro vinaigrette in Passionate Vegetarian. I need to post that recipe soon.

    the flavors in this are amazing! Thank you so much for this. It's the perfect recipe to celebrate summer!

    Thanks! We've made this several times this summer - I'm really glad we found the recipe!

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