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    June 22, 2009


    Roasted cauliflower is amazing. I wasn't even a fan of cauliflower until I started roasting it. Brussles Sprouts too.

    I'll roast almost every veg or fruit as well. Besides the usual root veg suspects, I've done cauliflower/broccoli, beans, corn, tomatoes, peaches, strawberries... the list goes on. Such deep flavor. Even when I make soups, I roast the veg first and there really is a different taste to it.

    I've always wanted to try roasted cauliflower and sprouts but I can never find them at our local farmer's market. I may just have to grow them so I can find out! And yes - roasted tomatoes are AMAZING! I slow roasted some last year and froze them and was so happy to have them come winter.

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