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    August 03, 2009


    I think I just gained 2 lbs looking at this! But that's okay- that's why I work out every day. I know what I'll be making this weekend!

    The first half of your post could have been written by me--well not the elegant just your style part :) but the I am so in love with chocolate chip cookies part. Have you tried that NY Times recipe? Was it too chewy for you? My one attempt at a CI ccc recipe BOMBED but I know now after consulting Shirley Corriher that it was probably due to what flour I used. Plus their basic blondie recipe is the best I have tried.

    It would seem I like my ccc's thicker than you (funny how ccc-lovers are very passionate and opinionated about exactly what their favorite ccc should be like) but I have to try this nonetheless. First to try the browned butter and second to try the bacon. All those times I was cursing at disliking nuts and coconut and wishing I had something more interesting to put in my blondies, why did I never think of bacon? DUH! :)

    PS Your actual instructions are hysterical.

    Thanks Beth! I agree - these are far from rabbit food but everyone who's tried them has loved them so far. And I spent extra time on my rowing machine yesterday to make up for them!

    Thanks Laura! Can you post the link for the NYT cookies? I'm always willing to sacrifice myself by trying a new cookie recipe - you know, for the greater good and all. :-P This CI recipe comes from a recent issue so maybe it's not the one you tried?

    I bet Blondies with brown butter would be fantastic.

    If you don't mind me sending you to my blog--where the recipe is posted AS IS, nothing adapted, because it is easier for me to find:

    Try them and let me know what you think. I love bakery style ccc's so I was VERY happy with them.

    No the one I tried did not brown the butter--it was their chewy big bakery style recipe and mine turned out greasy. I am sure I used a flour with lower protein content which therefore absorbed less liquid leading to greasy cookies. The one thing I have learned from Shirley Corriher and the NY Times recipe is that most ccc's can be improved by letting the dough rest so the flour absorbs more moisture. That and try different flours when in doubt. I am sure it is why the NY Times recipe calls for a blend of bread and cake flour.

    Good gracious this looks and sounds delicious! I like your approach to burnt bacon and fused cookies: self-sacrifice is admirable (and deliciously rewarding!)

    I know - it's an admirable sacrifice, isn't it? ;-)

    Laura - thanks for the link! I used Gold Medal unbleached for this recipe. You can make the cookies larger - the recipe I used suggested dividing the dough into 16 pieces and I got almost twice that number of cookies.

    I've got the other recipe bookmarked. I'm a bit cookied out at the moment but I'm sure I'll get over that soon! :-P

    I have already seen some food writers say that the bacon thing is "over", and that the new thing is

    (wait for it)

    hot dogs?

    OK, I like hot dogs, but it is physiologically impossible for a hot dog to take you to the place that bacon can bring you.

    I was under-whelmed by the bacon chocolate bar thing. With two things that good, there's a very high bar to clear if you're going to actually improve the experience. But I'll try this. The dilemma: I'm the only non-vegetarian in my family. Bake for myself or for a pot luck?

    Scott - I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the "hot dog" trend that I'm sure will soon be sweeping the nation. I mean think of the possibilities - brown butter & hot dog pudding or a delightful mustard & hot dog chutney? :-D

    I think the chocolate bar would have been better with larger pieces of chocolate in it. I had just heard it spoken of with such awe that I was underwhelmed when I actually tried it.

    If you bring them to a party, expect a lot of weirdness at first until people try them. My husband and I were cracking up listening to people discuss them. You can also always make the cookie dough and just add bacon a small portion for you. They're really good, even without the bacon.

    If you put brown butter, bacon, and chocolate chips in one sentence, you'll have me craving the stuff. Put it in a cookie however, you'll have me baking these everyday! I am definitely trying these as soon as possible! Great post! :)

    Thanks Kamran!

    You sir, are a brilliant man. Adding bacon to cookies, the greatest invention since the wheel!

    This is so interesting... I'd never think to put bacon in a cookie, and can't come up with how it would taste... will have to try it...

    I know it sounds a bit weird but the bacon really does go well with the cookie! If you're nervous, you can just make the cookie recipe which is fantastic by itself and add a couple of pieces of bacon to a few cookies to try.

    These look fabulous! I am sure my kids will love them. I have to laugh - I am a Penzey's Double Strength Vanillaholic as well. I don't drink it, but it goes quickly.
    and the floury fingerprints...well, we may be twins, separated at birth.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this, I can't wait to try it now.

    Isn't it amazing stuff Sarah? Luckily, my Dad was back up in Milwaukee and he stopped by and picked some more up for me.

    Thanks for the great recipe...though they were received with some skepticism, a coworker claimed they were "the best cookies he has ever had"...I am fairly certain I am bacon's biggest fan and these are definitely a keeper!

    I'm so glad you liked them Karen! I'm a pretty big fan of bacon myself!

    Susannah - ovens are notorious for either cooking hotter or colder than the temperature dial says it is. Your oven might run a little warm. If you try them again, cook a couple as a test run and cook them for 10 minutes and see how they turn out. And yes - putting the baking sheet on a wire rack helps the sheet to cool down quicker. The cookies should be crispy around the sides but still have some softness in the middle. I hope that helps!

    Your instructions ARE hysterical. I read a few out loud to my sis cause you made me laugh.

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