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    August 19, 2009


    i am so sorry for your loss.
    i can't think of anything else to say, but reading this left me with tears in my eyes. i can't imagine how hard it must be to lose a friend.


    This is beautiful tribute to your friend and made me cry. I wish I had known her. Cancer is a horrible, horrible disease and I really hope one day we find a cure.

    What a beautiful post about a beautiful woman.
    Not only were you & Marcus lucky to have her in your life, but she was lucky as well.
    I'm so sorry.

    Kristina, hugs and prayers to you and Marcus and April's family. What a beautiful tribute to April you wrote...your words are a gift and a sweet, sweet testimony of your love for her.

    ((((((HUGS)) to you all. This is a beautiful post, and just perfect as a tribute to April. You're right, things aren't black and white, and this just isn't fair for cancer to attack anyone. You, Marcus, and April's family and all her friends are in my prayers.

    What a beautiful post, and what beautiful gifts you were able to give her. I'm so sorry she's gone from your lives.

    Never question this post it is a wonderful one and very touching. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    April was indeed very fortunate to have your love and friendship during such a difficult time. And it sounds as though she blessed your life with many special gifts. I can only imagine how painful this must be for both you and your husband. You're in our thoughts and prayers as is April's husband. I don't think I'll ever eat a cherry pie again without remembering this story about April. It reminds us all of what's important in life. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks everyone. I know I'm really late in replying to you all but even coming back to this post seemed overwhelming for the last few days.

    Her funeral was beautiful. There were a lot of tears but people laughed as well. We scattered her ashes Sunday at a camp in the mountains where a lot of us met when we worked there. April worked there for years and surrounded by trees, mountain streams, homemade God's eyes, silly camp songs and people she loved and who loved her - it just seemed like the perfect place.

    In sight of the craft cabin where she worked for years and surrounded year after year by the laughter of thousands of kids - it was a beautifully bittersweet way to say goodbye for now. We're really going to miss her. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

    Kristina, sending my belated but heartfelt condolences. What a beautiful tribute to April and a blessing that you were able to share a parting meal together.

    Thank you Colleen!

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