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    August 04, 2009


    Quite right! I love this time of year for it. Going to the local orchards each weekend and picking juicy, delicious peaches for the week is an activity in itself, as is finding all the different ways to eat the food. Summerfest - I'd love to join even though I missed week 1. Great concept.

    You can still participate. Go check out the link - there are two weeks left.

    This looks delicious. Poor you, drowning in peaches. :)

    I love that there are so many recipes for peaches. An upside down cake never occurred to me. Looks wonderful!

    Kelsey - I know - what a horrible problem to have! I'm hoping we can squeeze a tree onto our city lot so I can drown in even more.

    Charmian - it's not a traditional upside-down cake. It's more like a very fluffy, buttery cornbread topped with buttery peaches. We really liked it.

    I associate peaches and cornmeal both with the south... and being a Texas girl, this is right up my alley! Looks delicious, thanks for sharing.

    I'm behind on my 2nd Summer Fest Post, but I will get to it before the week is over. In the meantime, I'm subbing an earlier stone fruit post on cherries:

    I do love peach season! Here's my post for the week, a guest post about homemade peach ice cream. YUM!

    Mm...this sounds yummy! I love peaches, and I especially love peach baked goods! Will have to make.

    we had some peach issues here in texas this year, too. they had to adjust some of the rules relating to the peach festivals because there were so few peaches in this year's harvest.

    this looks absolutely divine!

    I'm thankful we've got peaches this year but it was a pretty bad strawberry and cherry season here. We've gone from drought conditions over the past few years to rain every other day.

    I've made a peach-maple upside down cake for the fall, but this sounds delightful for the summer! I am definitely bookmarking it to try as we're peach-a-holics at my house.

    I meant PEAR in the above comment--I've made pear-maple upside down cake. Which is definitely winter. Sorry for being a dope.

    I so wish my husband liked pears! Because the maple with them sounds soooo good!

    Wow. This looks great. A nice combo - corn and peaches!

    I made a plum chutney for this week's Summer Fest:

    This recipe looks to be a great way to enjoy peaches!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Plum Chutney sounds so good - I just got done making some cherry chutney today!

    Thanks Karine! It's really hard to improve on a ripe summer peach but I did really like this recipe!

    I could never resist a slice of upside-down cake, especially with sweet peaches and crunchy cornmeal. Oh, that's just heavenly.

    Thanks Susan! It was a very tasty departure from a traditional upside-down cake. Although, I'd never turn down a slice of that either!

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