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    August 17, 2009


    Wow, love the smashed tomato on the toast (and everything else too!) All looks wonderful!

    Oh my goodness! Tomato toast, my favorite salad, panzanella and a sandwich! Great ideas.

    I also did a sandwich, of sorts.

    WOW! Love that you rub that tomato!!

    Wow I think you love tomatoes more than my mom and sister, which I thought was impossible. I love cooking with tomatoes but I basically like fresh tomatoes, so my garden tends to be overwhelmed by other stuff--like winter squash, which I adore. At the top of my never get to it to do list is learning to can tomatoes--until then I keep Muir Glen in business. My mom's disappear by xmas at the latest, she never cans enough to stock me, like I said I LOVE cooking with tomatoes.

    Those all looks so yummy!

    Just someone close to you who knows just how much you love tomatoes.
    I'm sure you hear the laughter clear across the country.
    I'm dying for a taste of the smashed tomato toast....

    I don't know where to start, except to say that this post makes me want to hunt out all the tomatoes I can find and try these recipes NOW - at 8:11am!

    Lori - If you haven't tried tomato toast, you should. It's one of those things that seems just too simple to be really that good but like I said in my post, it's so much better than you'd think!

    Gwen - your Tomato Napoleon looks so good! I've never thought about making a stacked sandwich using puff pastry like that. And your pictures are gorgeous!

    Jaden - I love my tomatoes but I'm not afraid to abuse them when the need arises! :-D

    Laura - Muir Glen really does make a nice canned tomato. But canning them is really, really easy if you want to try. Maybe just make a few jars this year to see if you like doing it?

    Jen - I know you know the depths of my tomato adoration. It's kind of scary.

    Hi Cristina, you are not the only one....

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