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    September 21, 2009


    I bet that "thinned" with cream is amazing.

    I'm waiting to board my plane at the airport, browsing all of the great blogs I met this weekend! So happy to have met you and can't wait to keep reading :) Safe travels home!

    LOVED LOVED LOVED meeting you this weekend and hanging out! You are so fabulous and I hope you had a good flight home! xoxo

    When you freeze the tomatoes whole do you just wash them and freeze them on a tray as shown? Tell me, tell me please.

    Laura - the cream version, especially with the sun-dried tomatoes is my favorite so far.

    Amy, Gaby & Maris! Miss you all so much. It's weird how you can meet people for such a short time and feel such a strong sense of connection.

    Amy - when I freeze them, I just wash them off, cut off any bad spots & pull the stems off. Then I throw them in the freezer on a tray and let them freeze all the way through. Then they go into a big freezer bag. I've read where other people take the skin off first and all that jazz but I don't think it's necessary. It's such a quick way to deal with tomato overload.

    I hear you about not feeling the fall weather. Our veggies can keep producing through the winter because winters are so mild here. We got some tomatoes this summer from last year's tomato plant. That sauce looks fantastic.

    Of course as soon as I got back from SF, it got chilly. It's expected to warm up again soon though. I actually bring some of my peppers inside and overwinter them so I get early peppers the following year. I'd love to be able to do that with tomatoes!

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