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    October 22, 2009


    Dude, dying for your pizza crust recipe! I wrote recently about the fact that I have totally forgotten how to cook, and pizza dough was one of my first casualties. And interesting to hear your fondness for the stone; may have to look for one.

    this pizza looks like i'd fight over it! niiiiice!

    Have you ever grilled pizza? Its so good. I haven't used my pizza stone since I started doing them on the grill. The only tricky part is getting the crust on the grill without having it fold over itself.

    Thanks Bren! I'll trade you some for some flan!

    Jeff - I love grilled pizza. But we use charcoal so it can be a pain to heat the grill up. Plus in our drafty house, the heat from the oven is very nice to have! :-D

    I now always want to refer to you at FrugHo! :-D I'll post the recipe in a few days with step-by-step instructions.

    Yum! I think if I did this challenge I'd make this every day!

    That is a seriously yummy looking piece of pizza! I LOVE Laffy Taffy and my kids just got a ton of it at the zoo's trick or treat fest. I keep telling them they can't eat it because they might choke on it. :)

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