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    Locavore Pledge

    • If not LOCALLY PRODUCED, then Organic. If not ORGANIC, then Family farm. If not FAMILY FARM, then Local business. If not a LOCAL BUSINESS, then Fair Trade.

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    October 11, 2009


    Good luck! I did a $100 a month food challenge this summer. it was so fun. We spent way under $100 and ate really well. We just had to be creative! :)

    What an awesome introductory post! I'm excited to be participating along with you this week. Can't wait to see what you cook up. Mwah!

    Thanks Maria! I'm trying to do this with a decent amount of local food so I keep crunching numbers to try to make it happen.

    Paula - I toast you with my boxed wine! :-*

    This is a great challenege. I cannot wait to read all of these blogs detailing whet you eat.

    I think that one thing that is promising is that more farmers' markets are taking food stamps. I think that when living on a limited budget its easy to just grab inexpensive processed foods that are void of nutritional value and laden with fat and sodium.

    What a great and informative post!

    Loved your "first" post! So glad to know about you and your site - and your pics are totally amazing!! Good luck this week!!

    Jeff - I'm going to be addressing the lack of healthy food options for so many people. That's a big issue in some areas of our city.

    I love that farmers' markets are doing this. I know that Market Square Farmers' Mkt started doing that this year and I was so proud of them for doing so!

    Thanks Diane! Hoping to get some time later to read through everyone else's posts!

    Thanks Carrie! I really appreciate the comment on our pics. We're major beginners but we're slowly but surely getting better!

    I'm inspired. I wish I could send you some of the gorgeous veggies that we have gotten from our CSA and know I won't be using. I am trying to pawn them off on neighbors rather than let them go to waste. Good luck with this challenge and thanks for writing so well about it.

    Thanks Dana! I'd love to use them but we're trying to account for all vegetables. We have some stuff from our garden that we could use but since most people don't have gardens, we're charging ourselves for the use of those veggies.

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