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    Locavore Pledge

    • If not LOCALLY PRODUCED, then Organic. If not ORGANIC, then Family farm. If not FAMILY FARM, then Local business. If not a LOCAL BUSINESS, then Fair Trade.

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    October 13, 2009


    You are so right about taking so many things for granted about food, including our knowledge about it! My husband had never had a fresh green bean until he met me, they were always frozen. And he still thinks he hates peas because all his mom would serve were canned peas and he hated the mushy texture. Whenever I use the fresh ones, I point them out and he is amazed by how much he likes them.

    The only reason Marcus liked the dish his mom served is because you couldn't taste the peas. He is sometimes amazed by how many vegetables he loves that he never would have thought he'd like. We're conquering brussels sprouts this year!

    Great post - what the hell even *is* barley? :)

    These posts are amazing. Thank you for all this information, especially the data you gave in the first post of this series. I'm looking forward to the rest of them.

    As a Belgian Locavore, I have access to different things than you do. But the principle is the same, and the results are too. I live in an apartment, so don't have much room to grow food. That means that I've gotten to know the local producers. I love that.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of the authors in this series. THANK YOU ALL.

    I love the idea of barley and the use of turkey feet; both are great ways to get the most for your money. And, I also agree about missing the sweet forbiddens. I am starting to get there too.

    Frugal Hostess - exactly! Whole grains & dried beans scare a lot of people. What the heck do you do with them?

    Kate - thank you! It's been pretty eye-opening. I'm not blind to the issue of hunger - we have too many soup kitchens, missions and food pantries around here for me to not be aware but having to account for everything is very wearing and stressful. I can't imagine how stressful it would be if messing up meant I wouldn't have money to eat for a day or two.

    Haha...velveeta! I agree, we take for granted what we know about healthy foods! Great job with the challenge! I'd be interested in trying it next time!!

    Kristen - please do join us! It's been very interesting to do.

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