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    January 03, 2010


    If you like Brussels sprouts, try blanching them for a couple minutes (or steam in the microwave), dry 'em, then sautee in duck fat. It's amazing.

    Also I found a great way to extract duck fat. I took a duck and put it in the crock pot with a little chiken stock and cooked it for like 8 hours. When its done you have all the duck meat (obviously) and then just strain out all of the bones and stuff and refrigerate the liquid to get the fat to solidify. I was amazed at how much fat I got from just one duck.

    Splendiferous (as my daughter would say--she loves that word for food she likes) does not begin to describe that photo. Yum.

    I do love duck fat. You can confit duck in other fats, though -- I made duck confited in olive oil (local for me, probably not for you) earlier this year.

    Jeff - thanks for the crockpot tip. I got a decent amount of fat from the quarters but I knew we could have gotten more. I'm going a to give this a try.

    Thanks Laura - one of my Christmas gifts was a new camera. I was hemming and hawing over which one to get and then my point and shoot broke so I went ahead and got a Rebel. I'm thrilled with it so far.

    Kate - I'd love it if we could get local olive oil here! I want to make a totally local confit and for my first one, I want to go as traditional as possible.

    I discovered the Crock Pot thing on accident. I had a duck that I took out of the fridge and was going to roast. Someting came up (a friend had free Packer tickets) so I just threw it in the crockot and figured at worst I would have a bunch of super tender duck meat for use in tacos, etc.

    If you are careful you can get the duck out in one peice (next time I'll probably cut it in half lengthwise) and then crisp up the skin in the broiler. It was super tender (falling of the bone) and just a bit of seasoning on the skin made it so good. I got enough fat to make a couple of confit legs and have a decent amount left for other uses.

    I forgot to tell you that in addition to chicken stock, I added large cut up chunks of carrot, celery, and onion so the chicken stock becomes infused with the duck juices so you also end up with a duck-chicken stock.

    You're making me hungry Jeff!

    Drool. DROOL. I love duck. Haven't had much experience with its fat (unless it was in China and I didn't know it!) but I've heard stories. Can I come over?

    Nashville's not that far - come on over! We got more duck fat yesterday.

    I need to eat more duck! Potatoes fried in duck fat sounds so decadent.

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