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    January 16, 2010


    I know what you mean about time being scarce (says she who has been neglecting posting her entries a bit....) But I must say, I like the idea of your honey-based sauce. How did you make the chipotle ketchup? Over the summer I canned some different versions of ketchup, but I eat a lot of it, and would love to hear new recipes...

    I only have a written copy of the recipe and it's hidden in my box somewhere while we do major renovations in our house. I do know it's got more red peppers in than standard recipes and of course it has chipotles in it. I'm going to make a HUGE batch of this next year and I'll make sure to blog about it when I do. I could eat the ketchup with a spoon - it's that good.

    Can't wait to read about your chipotle ketchup this summer!

    I will definitely post it!

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