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    January 25, 2010


    I love snickerdoodles, which I sometimes call snickerpoodles. Hehe. I'll try this soon...I need something to make me smile these days. Snickerdoodles are it.

    Miss you lady!

    these snickerdoodles make *me* want to marry you. i'm going to try and make them for grandma this week (i'm in socal) but don't hold out much hope for them being as good as my care package cookies. :)

    I am a recent Snickerdoodle convert--I felt as you did growing up. I have tried 2 very different recipes recently and really liked both. I will have to try this one next. Oh and I agree about the cinnamon.

    ok, first I have to did I NOT know you had this blog?! lol

    I am SOOO going to give this recipe a try for Steve.....what is it with men and Snickerdoodles?

    Thanks for the recipe!!♥

    Jamey loves snickerdoodles too, I will try this recipe on him.

    They look perfect to me:) I always add extra cinnamon. My hubs loves these cookies.

    These look great, they are one of my husband's favorites too. Although, I just started making them within the past five years or so. I've not tried Vietnamese cinnamon, but now you've got me interested. I also LOVE that apron, by the way.

    I love the finger marks in the butter to make sure it's soft enough, right?

    Marcus & I would be great buddies. I absolutely adore anything snickerdoodly. You'll have to read him the post that I read about Snickerdoodle lovers

    Joy - I'm going to call them snickerpoodles, just to irritate Marcus. :) Glad I could make you smile but sorry you haven't had a lot of reasons to smile lately. :-(

    Jen - that's because I didn't include the light-up ring in the recipes. Wear that and your snickerdoodles will be amazingly good. :-P

    Laura - isn't the cinnamon amazing? I honestly think even if you try it plain, it has a hint of sweetness to it. Love that stuff!

    Cheryl - this was just a personal blog for a long time. I mainly set it up just to blog about the one local summer challenge.

    YUM! These look great!

    Thanks April & Maria!

    Lori - I got that apron from an Etsy seller. She also made one with Day of the Dead sugar skulls for my best friend.

    Lori - yep, fingermarks in the butter to make sure it was soft enough. And I saw your recipe for blondies. I confessed to my snickerdoodle love in the comments to that post! :-D

    SO funny! My brother is snickerdoodle crazy and I'm totally with you. Why would you choose that plain thing over something sexy and chocolatey? But a homemade cookie is a beautiful thing and I'm sure these are delicious.

    Dana - a chocolate cookie has so much sex appeal. But sometimes simple works - I could eat my weight in these things!

    This is a good snickerdoodle recipe, and it comes from the old betty crocker cooky book. It is definitely very good. :) I must go and bake some now.

    Thanks Mills! I love knowing where recipes originated from and I always try to note when a recipe isn't mine. It's a killer recipe - I hope you like them! :)

    My daughter and I love snickerdoodles so I'm definitely going to have to try this recipe.

    Buffie - let me know how you like them!

    I am also a snickerdoodle addict! Can't wait to try them.

    Made these the other night and they are the best snickerdoodles that I've ever had!

    Fantastic pictures - love the one with the cat. Not a fan of Snickerdoodles but I may just have to try this recipe.

    How did you know that snickerdoodles are my favorite?!? Thanks much for posting the recipe... I'm giving it a try this weekend. Also, I featured it here. YUM!

    My wife's favorite cookie is a snickerdoodle. We've got a tried and true recipe but I'm always open to trying another and these sound great.

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