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    February 22, 2010


    I almost requested the recipe for your husband's biscuits but then I remembered the trick with biscuits. High quality ingredients only get you so far...what it really requires is that light touch that flaky biscuit lore is made of.

    You're right - my husband's recipe is a pretty basic and he varies it often - sometimes it's buttermilk, sometimes it's milk. But he's made them so many times that he's got the technique down pat.

    Are you seriously going to post that about Marcus's biscuits and not offer a recipe? Come ON!

    shut up about those biscuits and peachy goodness. i need some. now!

    p.s. your food pictures are LOVELY!

    Kate - I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you. :P Seriously, Marcus's recipe isn't anything special, I think it's his technique. I'm trying to get him to do a biscuit tutorial for me.

    Thank you Julie! I'm pretty happy with the pictures so far. You should go back a few months and see how awful they were to begin with. You should do a food photography class!

    Thank you for mentioning Benton's! Am down to Maryville visiting and now we're tempted to drive to Madisonville as we're both quite fond of bacon and local eating both.

    I would definitely stop at Benton's!!! World famous chefs use his bacon and he's the nicest man. It's definitely worth a visit. Get some bacon, prosciutto & country ham. I've also heard that his hot sausage is amazing and he doesn't ship it so the only place you can get it is his shop.

    While you're in Maryville, make sure to stop by The Market and get some elk summer sausage from Laurel Creek Meats.

    We had a fun visit to Benton's. Mr. Benton gave us a mini-tour. Quite a sharp man. Now, we have smoked bacon, a nice ham steak, some free-range eggs in addition to the cayenne crusted pork sausage from Laurel Creek Meats. We're counting down to tonight's Pork Orgy.

    I'm so glad you guys went to Bentons! Mr. Benton really is the nicest guy as are the people that run Laurel Creek Meats. I'm jealous of the pork orgy you're going to have!

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