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    February 15, 2010


    Having married an avid hunter, I've learned to appreciate bison, venison, elk, hog and all kinds of other wild meat ;-)

    One trick: Marinate in buttermilk and worcestershire for about 24 hours.. tenderizes and GREATLY reduces, if not removes the 'gamey-ness'

    Having said that: Venison and Elk make some SERIOUSLY amazing roasts in the crockpot and some of the best chicken fried, ever ;-)

    YOU ~ seriously one of my fav people from Blissdom.

    Thank you Rachel - I've heard of the buttermilk trick but I'll have to try that. Loved meeting you too! I'm glad I finally got a clue as to who you were after sitting next to you so many times! :D So happy you won the potato challenge!!!

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