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    February 19, 2010


    I'm sorry you and hubby were under the weather for Valentine's, but this recipe sounds scrumptuous. Wow.

    Spring is coming ...

    I can't wait to try this. I love your blog. I've tried several of your recipes and every one I've tried has been fantastic!

    This fondue look wonderful!! I will have to try it out at our next fondue dinner! Glad you guys are filling better!

    I hear you about February. My poor husband's bday is right before Valentine's Day and this is the second year in a row it basically did not happen (the dinner, the dessert) because of illness. This time has been especially bad as we have been sick much worse and much longer and the snow has kept us inside. So I feel your pain.

    The fondue photos are gorgeous. You do great work with a camera.

    This fondue looks AMAZING! I went out and bought some brie today so I can make it this week. Thank you soooo much for posting it.

    Thanks Russ - I feel like this cold just won't leave us be. I'm glad you liked the recipe. We need to have a fondue party!

    Rachel - your comment made my day! That makes me so happy to hear!

    April - thank you for making that fondue possible! Couldn't have made it without you lending me your fondue pot!

    Laura - We're normally pretty healthy people so this cold has knocked us for a loop. We finally got some sun this weekend and we drank it up. We've been desperate for it! Thanks for the picture compliments - we're learning a lot and I'm glad some of it is showing!

    Mary - please let me know how the fondue turns out for you!

    Looks AMAZING!

    I still haven't been by to see your crocuses. I need to do that!

    That fondue looks amazing. I can almost taste it just looking at the photo.

    Thanks Jennifer!

    All of our crocuses are hiding right now because of the cold. Hoping they come back out this weekend when we get some sunshine!

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