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    August 03, 2010


    I can't even begin to describe how amazing this sounds. Can't wait to try this!

    Oh my gosh, yes, please. I'll be right over for some asiago corn pudding.

    Nice photos, dear! This sounds a-mazing.

    Um hello, have you been talking to my fiance? Because he keeps nagging me about corn and about asiago and how he wants asiago bread "like panera makes" (shudder). And here you go, giving me just the perfect cop-out recipe for when we pick up asiago from a local creamery at the farmers market... (Also, the melting? I am SO there.)

    sounds so yummy
    try to stay cool
    I couldn't believe how hot it was up there either -
    I am kinda really looking forward to the fall right now.

    As a fellow Knoxvillian, I concur about the heat. 93 at night just ain't right! That said, I still want this bread pudding. Tonight!

    what a gorgeous pudding!! I never would have thought of corn in the bread pudding and the cheese just sends it over the top!! definitely a wow!

    I'm finding so many recipe ideas through Summer Fest. I bet my husband would love this dish!

    You always post the best recipes! I made this tonight and it was fantastic!!! Got raves from everyone at the table.

    I realize I'm about to tell a story about winter, not about summer, but hopefully this will make you feel a bit cooler. Plus, your story reminded me of this:

    One winter while I was in Iowa City, B.B. King and his band came through, and it was a bitterly, bitterly cold night. B.B. said he was walking around downtown earlier, and he said hello to a man walking past. The man opened his mouth and a chunk of ice fell out, and then he kept walking. B.B. said he picked up the ice, took it back to the hotel, and when it thawed it said, "Hello, B.B.!"


    Hoping you get a break in the heat soon. Could you send some our way? I kind of miss it...

    You are amazing! I love your blog!

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